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Collagen, the youth within you.

Non invasive, pain and toxin free way to rejuvenation.

This natural protein, present in so much of our body could be simplified as the glue that holds our body together. It is the key component of smooth, tight and supple skin when we are young.

As we age, the body reduces the collagen regeneration in skin. In addition, the stress hormone, cortisol, degrades collagen, as does exposure to too much sun.

At Fab Clinics, we combine the latest technology with highly trained aestheticians, great guidance and nutritional advice with medical grade skincare products.

We provide safe treatments that prioritise natural collagen regeneration in the layers of the skin, tightening, lifting and improving elasticity for highly effective results. Collagen induction treatments are Radiofrequency, HIFU (high Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and Microneedling. All are non invasive and toxin free ways to rejuvenate.

We truly make you look “Even More Fabulous”

How collagen diminishes with age.
Collagen induction

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