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How to take care of your skin in autumn

The heat of the summer would have made your skin unusually oily and you may have even experienced some unusual acne breakout activity due to the excessive amount fo sebum generated in the prolonged heat.

The tan would have disappeared by now and the sun, chlorine, wind and air conditioning may have made your skin look rough and stressed. Furthermore, free radicals were built by the UV radiation and collagen fibres, the supporting tissue of our skin, are reduced. 

Those of you prone to pigmentation (brown spots) would have experienced darkening of the pigmentation. 

The sun is one of the biggest causes of ageing for your skin and a recovery measures are recommended to help maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Number 1 recommendation is EXFOLIATE

Professional exfoliation treatments include microdermabrasion and superficial chemical peels.

Here at Fab Clinics we use diamond dermabrasion with ultrasonic clean that clean your pores from sweat, makeup and built up oil using ultrasound by spinning water in the pores. It is followed by the diamond dermabrasion that gently removes dead skin cells and gives you a thoroughly exfoliated, bright skin. 

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to break outs, physical exfoliation may not be for you. In this case, a gentle chemical peel would be more appropriate. 

Break out prone skin would benefit from salicylic and lactic based peel and sensitive skin from lactic peel or enzymatic peels. 

These are not shedding peels. They are gentle and moisturising through the presence of lactic acid. 

Our skin naturally contains lactic acid. We use @AlumierMD peels at Fab Clinics.

Number 2 is MOISTURISE. 

Even if we do not realise it immediately, our skin steadily looses moisture during the warm and sun intensive months. Nevertheless, please do not follow the principle “more is more” by using greasy and very rich products. They often only operate superficially and do not penetrate into the deeper skin layers. You will first get the impression that your skin has been moisturised, but you will wash away many ingredients with the next shower and thus a sustainable effect cannot be guaranteed. 

Rather go for professional products with low molecular weight that would permeate into the skin. It is known as 500 Daltons rule in our industry. 

Anything with over 500 Daltons of molecular weight will not go into the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid based products with low molecular weight would do the best job to moisturise. 

Professional treatments at Fab Clinics include FrozenSkin treatment that uses CO2 to drive pure hyaluronic acid into the skin. it produces excellent results coupled together with diamond dermabrasion. 

The light Aqua Infusion Mask by @AlumierMD has the molecular weight to deliver moisture to the skin. If your selected exfoliated option is a chemical peel, the Aqua Infusion Mask would be your professional choice for re-moisturising. 

Number 3. Autumn is the right time to start reducing PIGMENTATION.

To counteract pigment spots, so called hyperpigmentation, you should use creams with brightening ingredients. Classic ingredients such a vitamin C, melanin inhibitors and Retinol. 

Professional treatments include Intense Pulse Light to bring pigmentation from inside out, medium (shedding) chemical peels for the outside-in approach by removing up to 2 skin layers at the time and concentrated Vitamin A to promote cellular renewal, followed by medical skincare anti-pigmentation routine.

It is very important to avoid light and use the care products permanently for at least 3 months. This is the only way the skin can recover perfectly and dismantle the excess melanin which causes the hyperpigmentation.

Your skin is individual and has its specific needs. When you are recommended a product as effective, it is worth undergoing a skin scan to make sure it is correct for YOU. 

Come and have a free skin scan with us @FabClinics and we will relate to you what your skin is trying to tell you of its needs. Book your consultation here

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