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Introducing Dr. Dan, a consultant surgeon and an experienced aesthetic doctor!

Dr. Daniel Leeder
What are your medical qualifications and experience?

Graduated University of Leicester Medical School 2011, with MBChB and BSc(Hons). Did my surgical training in Yorkshire in Trauma and Orthopaedics, also gained extra experience in a Plastics and Burns Centre in West Yorkshire. Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps as an Army Medic.

I started practicing in Aesthetics approximately 5 years ago and had a small clinic in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I have returned to Leicestershire, my home county, to be close to family following the birth of my daughter.

What is your approach?

The key for me is being the best version of ourselves at the age we are.

Over treated faces and over treated lips are not my aims.

I much prefer a more natural look.

We achieve the natural look by a combination of collagen inducing technologies and injectables.

According to Dermatology Times and the Aesthetic Authority publications, a combination of energy devices and injectables delivers superior results

Many of our peers consider skin tightening and lifting with injectables alone to be a little old-fashioned.

When used as a combination therapy, however, nonsurgical tightening and lifting with injectables and energy devices is currently trending at cutting-edge aesthetic practices all over the nation.” – Aesthetic Authority

My clients benefit from a selection of most appropriate modern treatments. Your individual treatment plan will include a multi prong approach to achieve natural and lasting results.

Fab Clinics deliver the energy based treatments and I deliver the injectable treatments as part of the treatment plan.

What injectable treatments do you perform?

Anti wrinkle injections treating concerns such as

· Frown lines,

· Crow’s feet,

· Forehead,

· Smokers’ lines,

· Nasolabial folds,

· Eyebrow lift,

· Chin,

· Bunny lines.

It is good at treating dynamic lines (lines when we activate that muscle, i.e frown) and good at soften static lines, if deep then some improvement seen.

Results vary but treatment should be best seen at 14 days and should last 8-12 weeks.

Skin boosters

Treating areas below with Profhilo ®

· Around the eyes,

· Forehead,

· Mid and lower face,

· Neck,

· Arms,

· Knees,

· Abdomen.

Profhilo ® is highly purified injectable hyaluronic acid skin booster. It is NOT a dermal filler.

This product is great at treating fine and deep lines, as well as skin laxity, and uneven pigmentation. The product is injected into the skin at key points.

Once in the skin, it regenerates and rejuvenates by using the skin own repair systems - elastin, collagen, and fibroblasts. All the things that are lost over time as we age.

This is a more modern way of treating ageing and is even better with combined treatments such as skin tightening using energy devices such as HIFU, Fractional RF, Radiofrequency and Microneedling.

Fat Dissolvers

Treating areas below with Aqualyx®

· Under the chin,

· Arms,

· Inner thighs,

· Outer thighs,

· Upper and lower stomach,

· Flanks ('muffin top"),

· "Bra bulge" - excess around the side of the chest,

· Lower buttocks.

An injectable deoxycholate is a substance that is found naturally in the body. It dissolves fat into smaller components, and the body naturally disposes of them.

It is mixed with local anaesthetic for your comfort, and injected using a cannula.

After 2-4 weeks, the fat cells would have broken down.

This method, used in conjunction with fat freezing or ultrasound cavitation can produce significant results.

Dermal filler reversal

Using hyaluronidase, dermal filler can be dissolved from lips, nose, tear troughs, cheeks, anywhere, that the result is not satisfactory, or if reversal is wanted.

Cases, that have made the most difference, and are most memorable, are the reversal of dermal fillers.

I have seen a lot of over filled areas of the body or unacceptable aesthetic results. I have done a lot of reversal of mainly overfilled tear troughs. Sagging or bags under the eyes, that the patients think is the ageing process, is incorrectly applied filler! Reverse this, and the bags go! The wrinkles are again obvious, but if treated with different products, would produce better results.\

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

Excess sweating of underarms can be treated using a toxin, sweating and odour can be eliminated for several months with successful treatment.

My key advice to a patient when choosing an aesthetics doctor, is make sure you do your homework on the products used and qualifications of the practitioner.

Make sure you ask lots of questions.

No good aesthetic practitioner would pressure you into treatments. They will always be able to discuss your choices and offer alternatives.

Remember that personal recommendation is important, as certain images on social media platforms can be misleading.

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