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Why Fab Clinics is one of the safest places to come to.

We have started putting the precautions in place before most places even started to consider it.

Whilst everyone were going along on business as usual, we have already put measures in place.

We are a small clinic with relatively small amount of people coming in every day. This means, we can put some strict and thorough measures in place.

Those who have visited us, would have noticed that we have entrance procedures in place.

One of the NHS doctors visiting Fab Clinics, commented that our procedures are more strict than the hospitals!

First of all, we are no longer open to the general public. The clinic operates by appointment only.

The front door is locked.

We aim to be the clean, safe haven for our clients during these uncertain times.

Entrance procedures.

We take a body temperature reading before entering the clinic. If the temperature is over 37.5C, we would respectfully ask not to proceed into the clinic.

If it is ok to proceed, we ask all visitors to go straight into the bathroom and wash their hands for 30 seconds.

Once you are in the clinic, we will do our best to keep you safe!

You can book your appointments with confidence, knowing you are in the clean, safe place.

or call on 01509 400 444

Staff procedures to minimise and mitigate the risk.

Staff are checked on daily basis

Staff are asked to avoid situations where they are likely to be exposed to contracting the virus, for example large crows gatherings, going to public places such as the gym, concerts, public events.

Start of the day procedures for staff

  • Please wash your hands as soon as you come into the clinic.

  • Take your temperature and record in the log.

  • Check you have sufficient amount of PPE for the day.

  • Wipe your personal mobile phone with antibacterial/antiviral wipes

  • Wipe all of the iPads with antibacterial/antiviral iPad wipes

Disinfection procedures

In addition to our normal procedures, please follow below

Wash your hands with hospital grade hand wash (Hibiscrub) according to the hand washing routine.

Hibiscrub is an effective, hospital grade antiseptic skin cleanser that can be used against a wide range of Bacteria, Lipophilic Viruses, Yeasts, and Dermatophyte Fungi. The scrub is incredibly powerful and lasts up to six hours as it continues to protect your skin from bacteria and viruses.

  • upon arrival,

  • after handling any deliveries,

  • after handling anything coming into the clinic from the outside,

  • after handling cash,

  • before and after each client.

Wipe the card machine with pre-injection wipes (70% isopropyl alcohol) before handing to the client and straight after.

Wipe the iPads with iPad disinfectant wipe before and after use by each client.

Wipe the telephone and keyboard of the computers regularly, preferably after each use.

Disinfect of all metal surfaces with AZO wipes, 70% Isopropyl alcohol throughout the day.

Wipe all the door handles after each client, delivery persons or contractors. This includes entrance handles on the inside and outside.

Disinfection of all other surfaces with Dettol, known to be effective against corona virus.

Wipe the reception desk is to be disinfected after being touched by clients throughout the day.

Disinfect all treatment heads on machines used with Dettol sprayed onto couch roll and wipe thoroughly.

Use Dettol on the surfaces where you placed your treatment implements, the sink and the tap in the treatment room.

Use a hand moisturiser to avoid skin irritation.

Use disposable gloves PPE for every treatment possible.

Any surfaces that came into contact with the client are to be disinfected: waiting room chairs, reception desk, bathroom.

Remove reading literature from the reception to avoid cross contamination.

Regularly checking and disinfecting the bathroom. Use disposable gloves and disposable aprons whilst doing this.

There are more procedures that we would be happy to discuss with you.

We welcome your comments and ideas on what more can be done to protect you.

We are here to carry on making you even more fabulous, SAFELY.
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