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Free Entry for NHS Workers

How it works

Who can enter?

NHS Workers Enter FREE

You can enter yourself

or you can enter an NHS worker you know 

Who else?

If you are not an NHS worker, you can enter the raffle for a £5 donation.

All donations will  go to purchase PPE for local NHS hospitals


There will be 2 draws. One for NHS workers and one for everyone else. You can win any of the treatments listed below.

We will accept only 1 entry per person. 

When is it?

The raffle will be drawn on the day we re-open. You will be notified by email. Please make sure email is white listed and not junked by your email software.

What treatments can I win?


Champagne and Chocolate Facial. 

Cocoa enzyme and oxygen. Redness prone, dull skin.


IPL for Hair Reduction

Intense Pulse Light treatment for permanent hair reduction purposes. Areas that can be treated are face, underarms, bikini, Hollywood, arms, legs, back, around the nipples.


Restorative Hand Treatment. 

This is a custom designed treatment. Can include components such as hydrophilic lactic acid, marshmallow whip, oil massage, recovery balm and deep moisture hand mask.


Fat Freezing

It is a non invasive treatment designed to remove about 2 cup fulls of fat. No pain, no needles are involved. Suitable for small amount of stubborn fat.


Diamond Dermabrasion with Ultrasonic. 

Dull, tired skin.

Cleans out pores and removes dead skin.

Not for acne or rosacea prone skin.


Full Body Oil Massage

A relaxing massage using divine Neil's Yards oils.

This massage is designed for relaxation and bliss, not a sports massage


Face and Neck Skin Tightening

This is a pleasant treatment that uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen synthesis.





It is a non invasive treatment that uses ultrasound to melt the fat. No pain and no needles are involved.

Suitable for larger amounts of fat.

How do I enter?

You will be asked to make a donation after submitting the form.


NHS workers enter FREE. NHS workers, please disregard the donation request upon entry.

If you are not an NHS worker, you will be asked to donate £5 towards purchasing PPE for local NHS hospitals.

If you are entering on behalf of the NHS worker, please put THEIR details in the form.

Enter here

Thanks for submitting! Please make a donation if you are not an NHS worker.

A confirmation email has been sent to you. Check your JUNK box if you can't see it. Email us on if you have not received a confirmation.

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