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Best possible result in tightening skin on your face and neck. Naturally.

There are science based technologies, other than injectables, that can preserve your youth and keep you looking younger for longer. 


You will still look like you, but you on a really good day. You will still have your fine lines and some wrinkles, but less of them. 


The skin around your jawline and neck are likely to tighten and your skin is likely to glow with health from within. 


All naturally, without injecting anything into your skin. 


The technologies to achieve that use Collagen Induction process.


The idea of collagen induction is to incentivise your body to produce more of your own collagen.


These clinically proven technologies below do so:

  1. Radiofrequency


Radiofrequency was originally used by plastic surgeons to increase the results of surgery in order to tighten the skin further. It has developed to become a standalone treatment. 


Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is quite a pleasant treatment that uses RF induced heat to stimulate production of collagen. It feels like a pleasant, warm treatment. RF goes down to 1.5mm, to the superficial dermis layer, and creates controlled micro trauma using the RF heat.

It works well for light to medium skin laxity. It is used for skin tightening on the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen.

You will require a course of treatments. Results vary.

There is no pain and no downtime with this treatment.

Results will last for up to 2 years.

Price point is £115 per treatment.

Finance is available.

2. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


HIFU comes to us from being used in surgery as well. It is still being used to treat prostate cancer and lung cancer. The technology, however, found to be very useful in the cosmetic environment.


HIFU deals with medium skin laxity, particularly jaw sculpting and neck tightening as well as fat destruction just under the chin. 


HIFU goes down to the SMAS (superficial aponeurotic system) layer at 4.5mm, deep dermis at 3mm and superficial dermis at 1.5mm and deposits precise amount of energy that create thermo coagulation points. 


4.5mm is the layer previously only accessible through plastic surgery. 

Unlike RF, the treatment is not pleasant and relaxing, however, it is not painful either. Uncomfortable but not quite painful. 

After all, you do expect to feel something if you are going down to the same level plastic surgery operates at!


Maximum 2 treatments per year. Results vary.


For those not prone to bruising, likely now downtime is needed. 

May cause some bruising on more sensitive skins. 


Price point is between £210 and £799

BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION to ascertain if this may be right for you.

The consultation includes a free skin assessment using a skin scanner and analysis of the skincare products you are using against your skin's needs.


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