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Natural Rejuvenation Options

85% of your skin consists of collagen. It is a strong structure that acts like the scaffolding in your skin. 

Stimulating collagen regeneration (neocollagenesis) is the main idea in natural rejuvenation methods.

You can use these treatments as standalone or in conjunction with injectables.



As used by Jennifer Aniston. As featured in the BAZAAR article about why no-one has facelifts anymore.


Used for jawline definition, brow lift, mid-face lift, neck rejuvenation, full face and neck lift.


  • Deep, going down to 4.5mm

  • Powerful

  • Frequency: 1 or 2 treatments per year only

  • Unpleasant.

  • 48 hours of downtime or more for sensitive skins.

HIFU neck web.jpg



As used by Amanda Holden and Kylie Minogue


Used for mid face tightening, around the eyes, neck rejuvenation, full face and neck lift.


  • Gentle, yet effective

  • Depth: 1.5mm

  • Pain: None. Pleasant heat

  • Down time: None

  • Frequency: course of treatments of 6-12 at once per week is required

  • Can be combined with HIFU

RF Face web image 1.jpg



Used for skin texture concerns, such as criss cross lines, lines around the mouth, lines around the eyes, forehead. Also used for minor scars and acne scars, enlarged pores and number of other concerns such as hyperpigmentation (sun damage) and visible red capillaries. 


  • Depth: 1.5mm needles. Using a roller or a pen

  • Pain: Unpleasant.

  • Downtime: 48 hours of downtime or more for sensitive skin.

  • Frequency: Likely to need 2 or more, at least 1 month apart.

Microneedling perioral web.jpg

SWiCH (TM) Mollecular Level Rejuvenation


Used for skin texture concerns and skin tightening on the upper face, mid-face and neck.

Rejuvenation on molecular level. Increases the mitochondrial mass of the cells, therefore rejuvenating all cellular activity.


  • Pain: 90 seconds of heat and some tingle

  • Downtime: 3-12 hours straight after

  • Frequency: 3 or more treatments 6 weeks apart.

Swich web.jpg
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