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A stretch mark (striae) is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. As the skin heals, stretch marks may appear. 

The treatment methods below use various collagen induction techniques to stimulate collagen regeneration within the skin and repair the damage.

Different people have different rates of response to the treatments. Results vary.


This method is commonly used for stretchmarks and scars. It uses tiny needles to create micro-trauma in the area in order to start regeneration process. 

microneedling stretchmarks.jpeg


This method uses ultrasound to start the process of neocollagenesis. This is most appropriate in case of loose skin in the area where stretchmarks are present.

HIFU stretchmarks.jpeg

Fractional RF

This uses a gold plated dermal stamp that gently penetrates the skin to deliver bi-polar radio frequency energy into deep into the skins dermal layers starting collagen remodelling. 





Jess was amazing, as she always is. Love coming to the clinic!!

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Fantastic clinic and service is 10 from 10. Just had my treatment with specialist Lucy, she done amazing job. She is absolutely high level professional.

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Wonderful, quality service with the utmost of care and safety measures in place. Highly recommended.

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