• lucywhittaker1993

My experience with abdominal fat freezing.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I like to try different ways of losing inches that do not involve starving myself!

I try to exercise every day but still struggle with keeping the weight off my waist.

Admittedly, I could eat better but I work long hours and don't really have time for healthy cooking.

Once I found out about Fat Freezing, I was thrilled!

It works by sucking the fat into the treatment head, then cooling it down to a certain temperature, between minus -2 and -5, depending on the amount of fat in the area. This causes a process called apoptosis to the fat cell.

As I'm a bit of a baby (as my colleagues would say, what an understatement!), so I was a little worried about it hurting. Thankfully, I only felt a gentle suction as the machine was attaching. After that, the area went completely numb, and I didn't feel a thing.

My main area of concern was my lower abdomen, but I also had some fat in the upper abdomen area too.

I had the treatment heads on for 30 minutes. The machine Fab Clinics have is quite an advanced one, with 360 degrees freezing treatment heads, that freeze the fat all around, and an LED light, that ensures blood circulation during the procedure.

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy was used straight after the fat freezing. It makes fat freezing procedure more effective by breaking down the frozen fat into very small chunks, so your lymphatic system has easier time removing it.

AWT works by emitting pulses of radial pressure waves through the skin, creating vibrations, forcing triglycerides to be released from the fat cells and guiding them