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Things You Must NEVER Do to Asian Skin if You Are Trying to Get Rid of Pigmentation.

Read This if You Don’t Want to Be Asked “What Have You Done to Your Face?”

What have you tried so far?

Turmeric? 🍠 Potato peel 🥔?

Creams from Amazon or eBay 🧴?

Creams from Boots 🧴?

The Ordinary?

If you are reading this article, none of it has probably worked well.

Would you like to know why?

Because Asian skin requires a careful approach.

It is temperamental when it comes to pigmentation and can be quite unforgiving if you experiment with it without understanding the implications.

Here is a list of things you should avoid doing on your own. Just as you should not attempt surgical extraction of your appendix by yourself or let your cousin have a go, you really should not be trying these approaches with your skin.

Chemical Peels/Acids You Can Get from eBay or Amazon

Just don’t do it ❌

You can make things so much worse!

We have seen numerous patients who have inflicted chemical burns on their faces and hands with remedies that promised to specifically address pigmentation in Asian skin.

You really need to understand what you are doing when it comes to Asian skin. It will not forgive experiments, and you may end up with pigmentation worse than before.

A Cheap Chemical Peel from Someone Who Works from Their Garage/Spare Room/Cabin.

Unless you are certain that your practitioner is qualified, insured, and uses clinically proven, safe products for Asian skin, don’t do it. ❌

It’s cheap for a reason.

You will end up paying ten times more to have it corrected.

Asian skin is temperamental and does not tolerate mistakes well, especially when dealing with pigmentation.

Pay proper money and go to a reputable clinic. ✅

It is your face, after all.

It’s important to get it right the first time. ✅

Clinics That Have Never Dealt with Asian or Black Skin.

Asian skin requires a different approach compared to white skin. Methods that may work on white skin can harm Asian skin.

If your practitioner has not had experience with skin of colour, don’t let your face be their training ground.

Buying Acids/Retinoids/etc based on an Article You Have Read or from a Story You Have Seen on Instagram.

Hyperpigmentation is an inflammatory response to an event.

It could be due to hormonal changes, UV damage, physical trauma, or acne.

Your situation is unique to you. What has helped someone on Instagram will not necessarily work for you.

In the best case scenario, it might not do much. In the worst case, your pigmentation could worsen.

Respect your face and your skin. ✅

Don’t attempt to improve it and end up making it worse. ❌

Consult a professional who understands how to treat Asian skin. ✅

Would you like a proper assessment of your skin and to be talked through your options?

Book a free online or face-to-face consultation in our multi-award-winning clinic.

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