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Why no-one has facelifts anymore

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

According to statistics, number of cosmetic surgical procedures is going down.

This is due to the growth of of non surgical alternatives.

Apart from the well known anti wrinkle injections of Botox and filler, there is a plethora of cosmetic medical devices for the purposes of youth preservation. We will look at the collagen induction technologies available to us here.

Collagen induction is a principle used in rejuvenation of a faster regeneration of your own collagen after different degrees of controlled trauma.

Radiofrequency is favoured by many celebrities. It is a collagen induction therapy that speeds up production of your own collagen using radiofrequency.

Radiofrequency heats up tissue all the way down to the dermis to 40 degrees Celsius, which speeds up regeneration of your own collagen. It is pain free and is, in fact, quite pleasant.

No downtime is required.

Typical amount of sessions required is 6-12 at once per week intervals.

Response depends on age, skin condition and diet.

The treatment makes your skin build more collagen, thus giving you a collagen glow and tightening skin around the face and neck. It does soften wrinkles but does not get rid of them completely.

You may start seeing results even after 1st session.

Results do start building exponentially after 9th session. Results vary.

Top ups are required after the course of treatments to keep the results. Typical cost is £115 per session in Leicestershire and £250+ per session in London.

Book an aesthetic consultation to see if this method will work for you too! 

Finance is available, only £100 deposit is required.

Book a free consultation to find out how it works

Call us on 01509 400 444 or click on the link below to book online

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