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Why your 50s is the crucial age to preserve your youthful looks NATURALLY.

If you are looking for more natural ways of youth preservation, this article is for you.

By the award winning Fab Clinics

This is Christie Brinkley. She is in her 60s.

50s is a crucial age for youth preservation. We will find that the process of ageing goes up a gear during and after the menopause.

This is due to a changing hormonal balance.

Our body’s regeneration processes slow down, including collagen regeneration.

Collagen regeneration slows down by about 30% during the menopause and by 2% every year thereafter.

70% of the dermis consists of collagen. As collagen regeneration slows down, the skin starts losing elasticity and plumpness.

Because of such speed in collagen loss, we start to notice the ageing more.

In addition to that, facial bones start to shrink.

The fat pads in our face start to move downwards, forming pre-jowls, that can develop into jowls.

Facial muscles lose their tone.

In order to safeguard your beauty, it is important to take steps prior or during your menopause.

First of all, we need to slow down the collagen loss.

Natural treatments to improve collagen regeneration rate are called Collagen Induction Therapies. There are quite a few of them.

We list the few of the gentler and safer ones below.


It is a completely painless and pleasant collagen stimulation treatment. It inflicts a tiny amount of micro trauma by heating up the collagen fibres at 1.5mm depth, that activates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

It is used for face and neck.

Also can be used for sagging skin on the body.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

This is a much stronger and deeper collagen stimulation treatment. It goes down to 4.5mm.

4.5mm is where the SMAS layer is. SMAS is what is tightened in plastic surgery.

In this treatment, no surgery or needles are involved.

Ultrasound permeates to the SMAS layer and deposits the energy in the exact location, without disturbing the tissue in its path.

It could be painful but not unbearable.

It is used for face and neck, particularly for jawline sculpting.


It is used for lines, enlarged pores and scars. Not pleasant but quite bearable.

All of the above work on the principle of stimulating production of your own collagen by your body.

This gives you a true, natural rejuvenation of the skin.

Anti-Ageing Skincare

Gone are the days of just using soap and water or creams you can get generically from high street retailers.

You need to find out what your skin’s individual needs and fulfil them.

Clinically proven youth preservation ingredients are:

Vitamin A derivates such as Retinol.

The percentage is important. Retinol Acetate is MUCH stronger tha Retinol Palmitate. It’s a minefield! Don’t settle for “contains retinol”, it may contain 3 molecules of it!

Vitamin C & E. L-Ascorbic form is one of the active forms of Vitamin C and 15% is the strongest you can get in the UK.


Medical grade skincare is the best, with most active ingredients.

Anything you can buy online or on high street generally contains a very low percentage of active ingredients.

It is done so on purpose, so an unqualified person can buy and sell skincare without hurting their skin.

If you have sensitive skin, that must be dealt with first, before launching into anti-ageing ingredients as they can be harsh.

Our next article will talk about further ways to preserve your youth naturally.

Meanwhile, if you would like to find out what your skin needs and learn more about collagen induction therapies, we have freebie for you.

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