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What does a Vitamin C Serum and pants have in common?

We consciously learn the benefits of wearing pants at the age of about 3 or 4?

Of course, there are children that do prefer to go bare at any opportunity, and embarrass their mothers, that run around behind them, trying to explain the little streaker’s behaviour to the onlookers :-)

But once we realise just how useful pants are in everyday life, we build it into our daily routine to put them on first thing in the morning.

Vitamin C Serum is as useful as pants, I dare say!

Vitamin C in a topical form (like a serum) is 20 times more effective for the skin than taking it orally in vitamin/supplement form. This is due to the fact your kidneys start breaking Vitamin C down before it reaches as far as the skin.

Vitamin C is used in processes of:

  • Collagen formation. Essential for anti-ageing/youth preservation routine.

  • Pigmentation reduction

  • Acne scarring reduction

  • Capillary strength building (useful for redness prone skin)

A simple routine of putting a good strength, quality Vitamin C on every morning can give your skin such an easier time trying to stay strong and look good!

And it is quite a multitasker. Helps your skin to feel younger, firmer and brighter in one swoop.

Try it! Your skin will thank you!

Your new morning routine will include

Pants ✅

Vitamin C ✅

How to choose a vitamin C Serum?

One of the most potent Vitamin C formulations is 15% L-ASCROBIC ACID. It will proudly say that on the bottle.

15% is the maximum legal strength in the UK.

L-ASCORBIC ACID is quite potent. You are likely to see fast results with it. By fast results, I mean results will start showing up within 4-6 weeks and within 3 months you will see the real deal of what the product can achieve.

I use the award winning AlumierMD EverActive Vitamin C&E and I LOVE IT.

It’s expensive but worth it.

£149 for 3 months supply of 3 bottles.

My skin is not sensitive whatsoever but even I can feel it working when I put it on.


If your L-ASCORBIC serum has gone brown, yellow or orange, it means it has oxidised. It is not active anymore and is useless.

To prevent the serum from oxidisation, the clever AlumierMD supply it in 2 parts, liquid and powder and you mix it before use. 1 bottle will last about a month.

This serum would be TOO STRONG for skin that is




For those with conditions above, I would recommend Circadia’s VItamin C Reversal Serum

Even though the strength of it is the same, the formulation is gentler. It is a magnesium based formulation that makes it safe for more sensitive skin.

It is £65 for 1 month supply.

MEDICAL GRADE skincare such as AlumierMD and Circadia have much higher amount of active ingredients in them to make a difference.

More cosmetic brands generally moisturise, smell nice but don’t do much more than that.

You get what you pay for! Just as you do with pants! You can feel and see the difference with cheap synthetic pants or more expensive cotton or even silk and lace ;)

Whilst I would not recommend it, if I had to choose between Vitamin C and pants, I would be discarding the pants!

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