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Trying Fat Freezing as part of my wedding preparations.

After being in my new home, I had put some weight on, mainly from the stress of saving, decorating, and learning to cook etc.. Adulting...!

I have recently got engaged and starting to look into all things wedding, including looking good in a dress.

So after weighing myself, I was shocked to find out how much I really weighed!

I hide it well thanks to the pretty uniform I wear at work!

I carry most of my weight on my lower belly, "my pouch", so this is where I decided to have the fat freezing done.

We have quite an advanced fat freeezing machine at Fab Clinics. It is 360 degrees freezing, which achieves 65% better results than a previous generation 180 degrees treatment head.

This is what a 180 degrees treatment head looks like:

As you can see, there is an area of fat that is not being targeted.

This is what 360 degrees treatment head looks like:

When applying the fat freezing applicator, it starts off with a vacuum, that sucks the fat in, and slowly the temperature goes down to around -6/7 (temperature depending on how much fat there is in the area).

It did sting a little to start with, but I have stopped feeling anything in the area after about 5 minutes.

The treatment heads were left on for 35mins. In this time, it was nice to relax, to listen to the music, catch up on emails and scroll through social media.

When the time was up, I had a nice, pink, cold belly!

I started to see some results about 3 weeks after but after 2 months I had lost 6cm from all around my lower belly, I was delighted that some of my skinnier jeans fit me again!

abdominal before and after fat freezing

Next I might have my inner thighs done, who doesn't love a thigh gap?

Please come and talk to me at Fab Clinics, if you would like to explore whether this treatment may be suitable for you.

Treatment cost is £350 per treatment.

Finance is available.

Book a free consultation to find out how it works

Call us on 01509 400 444 or click on the link below to book online

Clinic's address is

199 Park Road


LE12 8RL

FAB CLINICS GUARANTEE: If you do not get a result at all from the treatment, you will receive another treatment FREE. As long as you do not gain weight between the measurements.

Other results are below

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