• Elena Chapman

Trying Fat Freezing as part of my wedding preparations.

After being in my new home, I had put some weight on, mainly from the stress of saving, decorating, and learning to cook etc.. Adulting...!

I have recently got engaged and starting to look into all things wedding, including looking good in a dress.

So after weighing myself, I was shocked to find out how much I really weighed!

I hide it well thanks to the pretty uniform I wear at work!

I carry most of my weight on my lower belly, "my pouch", so this is where I decided to have the fat freezing done.

We have quite an advanced fat freeezing machine at Fab Clinics. It is 360 degrees freezing, which achieves 65% better results than a previous generation 180 degrees treatment head.

This is what a 180 degrees treatment head looks like:

As you can see, there is an area of fat that is not being targeted.

This is what 360 degrees treatment head looks like:

When applying the fat freezing applicator, it starts off with a vacuum, that sucks the fat in, and slowly the temperature goes down to around -6/7 (temperature depending on how much fat there is in the area).

It did sting a little to start with, but I have stopped feeling anything in the area after about 5 minutes.