• Elena Chapman

What I am doing in my 20's to look good in my 40's.

By Vicky Riley

I am a professional aesthetician, and I would like to share what I do for my skin with you.

I am fast approaching my 30s, so I feel the need to take extra care of my skin. Youth preservation is important to me, to prevent those dreaded frown lines and other signs of ageing from appearing.

I have never had a problematic skin, even through my teens, but I have always suffered with a dehydrated/dry skin.

Dry and dehydrated skin usually ages quicker than an oily skin, therefore it is imperative to take action against ageing whilst young!

My favourite skincare.

First of all, where it comes to what I put on my skin, it has to be medical grade! Having worked for many cosmetic and spa brands, I do know what is in the products. And I will always choose medical grade products for my skin.

A good RETINOL is key for preventative anti-ageing.

I use the Night Time Repair by Circadia which is a 0.5% encapsulated retinol, its rich and hydrating, which I love, with no irritation, unlike some retinol based products. I use retinol for purposes of youth preservation and to improve the quality of my skin. I have seen a visible improvement in the texture of my skin, especially reduction in the pore size.

This is a medical grade product. It is not available online. Available at Fab Clinics.