• Elena Chapman

Does your skin feel oily and dry at the same time? Blackheads are worse and your lines look deeper?

You may notice that your pores look dilated, you get blackheads AND your lines and wrinkles get worse in winter.

Your cheeks feel dry and your nose, forehead and chin are oily.

The blackheads get WORSE in winter. They are so noticeable, you really are tempted to squeeze them!

You start noticing more lines around your eyes and you are not that happy with your skin texture. The foundation is absorbed within hours of applying it.

Sounds familiar?

If this is about you, read on!

It is quite normal that oily skin will become dehydrated in winter. As we switch the central heating, the moisture starts slowly being evaporated from your skin.

If you are acne/congestion prone, it is likely to get worse. If you are in your late 30s, 40s and 50s +, you will start noticing the lines and wrinkles more than you did in summer.

Dehydration is the key here.

Before considering any rejuvenation procedures, try to sort out the hydration of your skin. You may find that the lines are reduced just by giving your skin adequate hydration. This applies to the skincare you use, water you drink and supplements you take.

The older we get, the more careful we need to be with any sort of oil drying products.

At the same time, if your products are too heavy for your skin, they will contribute to clogging the pores up and dilation of the pores. It's a tricky balance!

If you are using glycolic acid based products, tea tree oil, salicylic acid based products and others designed to dry your skin out, go easy on them. Don't overdo it or you may get an opposite result from the desirable.

Blackheads are formed through accumulation of sebum in the pores. The sebum oxidises and becomes darker.