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Why does my skin feel dry, oily and full of blackheads in winter?

Let me guess. You probably have a combination skin?

Your cheeks feel dry and your nose, forehead and chin are oily with some congestion and blackheads. The blackheads get WORSE in winter. They are so noticeable, you really are tempted to squeeze them!

You start noticing more lines around your eyes and you are not that happy with your skin texture. The foundation is absorbed within hours of applying it.

If this is about you, read on!

It is quite normal that oily skin will become dehydrated in winter. As we switch the central heating, the moisture starts slowly being evaporated from your skin.

If you are acne/congestion prone, it is likely to get worse.

Dehydration is the key here.

And, YES, you skin can be BOTH OILY and DEHYDRATED.

Acne prone/congested skin.

You are probably using oil reducing products to manage your acne.

These products will dry your skin out even more.

Your skin is likely to go into an emergency mode of producing more oil! It's a tricky balance.

Your skin does need moisture. Moisture and oil are different things. Many people use luxurious, heavy creams or oils when their skin feels dry.

With your oily skin, your skin is asking for water, not butter!

So, give it moisture by applying hyaluronic acid based serums, light in texture. They often have gel like consistency.

You do need to avoid oil, whether it is coconut oil, shea butter or any other type of nice oils. You have enough of your own being made by your skin.

Next, your moisturiser needs to be NON COMEDOGENIC.

Look for this word on your creams, foundation and sun creams. This means it will not block your pores up and contribute to break outs.

If you are using glycolic acid based products, tea tree oil, salicylic acid based products and others designed to dry your skin out, go easy on them. Don't overdo it or you may get an opposite result from the desirable.

Blackheads are formed through accumulation of sebum in the pores. The sebum oxidises and becomes darker.

It has nothing to do with cleanliness, simply oxidised sebum.

If you don't fancy making your face look like a pizza by squeezing them yourself, do seek professional help.

There are some advanced treatments such as Oxygen Rx Facials that bring the blackheads to the surface and they are easy to get rid of. It also kills the bacteria and prevents breakouts without drying your skin out.

Another procedure is an Ultrasonic Clean and a Diamond Dermabrasion. It spins the water in the pores to clean them out and removes dead skin cells.

Your skin's needs are different in winter to what they are in summer.

Do you have a different skincare routine for winter?

How do you know if you are using correct skincare?

Consult your aesthetician or dermatologist if in doubt.

Fab Clinics in Loughborough offer a FREE SKIN SCAN that looks into the deeper layers of the skin to ascertain your skin's needs.

Follow this link to book a FREE SKIN SCAN

It is genuinely free, without any catches!

Or give us a call on 01509 400 444

Clinic's address is

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